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The system

Description of the medical problem with request for the PlayVet personalized product. Reading and evaluation of all the material collected, including the specific requests for the clinical case. Interview with the referring veterinary doctor and formulation of a proposal, then approved by the referring doctor.

3D Scan

Digital mapping of the anatomical portion of interest in order to produce a three-dimensional digital copy. If the clinical case requires it, it is also possible to use diagnostic images TC/RM


Production of a digital model to be submitted to the referring physician, in order to evaluate his adherence to the request. In case of need, changes, insertion of the same and re-evaluation. When approved by the referring physician, the virtual model is definitive and thus passes to the production phase.


Additive production of models in selected plastic polymers with hand finishing for consumables and accessories.


Shipping with DHL express courier and delivery within 24 hours to the reference medical-veterinary facility.


The product is applied to the patient by the referring veterinary surgeon with verification of the fitting and validation of the customized medical device.


The patient is monitored by the referring Veterinary Doctor in order to evaluate the applied product in the following weeks. Subsequently, during the regular annual visits, the product can be evaluated to find out if and how the support will need to be modified and/or renewed.

The future for everyone in a simple, intuitive and complete system.


The simple and effective system based on three proprietary technologies.


The PlayCast scanner is the starting point of each of our products or elaborations. The ability to capture 3D digital images quickly and with high accuracy is required for bespoke products. Our scanners are easy to use, allowing digital mapping of the limb without the need for plaster casts with sedation and/or ionizing radiation, therefore quick and safe.


It consists of an iPad with a dedicated 3D sensor. Lightweight, compact and easy to use, it allows a trained operator to scan a patient in 10/15 seconds.

Diagnostic Imaging

If the clinical case requires it, it is also possible to use the CT and RM diagnostic images to obtain the 3D data necessary for the development of our products.

PlayTime PRO

Our best scanner ever, simple, instantaneous and without the need for specialized personnel. Born for the human sector, the version for the veterinary sector is under development and will be available soon.


A single software to manage all the processes that generate PlayVet products. Based on the most modern technologies, it employs parametric generative computational design principles to create complex 3D shapes based on the patient's anatomy, with a click. These characteristics allow us to produce digital models quickly, without compromising their quality, with the possibility of modifying their characteristics, meeting the needs of the patient, the veterinarian and/or the owner.

Playvet START

Our online management system that allows you to execute and follow the entire data flow necessary for the creation of PlayVet, from personal data to multimedia and/or diagnostic material, up to 3D scanning.


Additive manufacturing makes it possible to create shapes and sizes free from the constraints of traditional production. This allows us to move towards new solutions, not yet available on the market, with the reduction of costs per single unit, as are all patient-specific products. Therefore, to obtain resistant PlayVets, in a short time but also accessible to all, we have designed our 3D printers as reliable, performing, simple to use and interconnected with the entire system in line with industry 4.0.

Play Maker

3D printer optimized, designed and tested in every detail to be reliable and extremely fast. Silent and easy to manage, even from a distance, in line with Industry 4.0 directives. It works in synergy with PlayCast tested and certified materials.

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