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The idea of PlayCast, to replace and update cast fixed assets, was born in 2015. Over the years, facing the various difficulties, it has become necessary to develop a 3D scanning technology capable of mapping the anatomy in its own shapes and dimensions to produce orthosis capable of adhering precisely and faithfully to the patient. In association, parametric design and additive manufacturing are also developed to make the flow totally digital and automated. It was incorporated as a company in 2018.

The ability to create a product tailored to the patient's anatomy, but following a "standard" parametric design, was an obvious advantage in the human medical sector.
So another question arose: what would be the impact of these technologies in a sector where the anatomy of different patients differs both in shape and size, as happens in pets?

PlayCast did not answer this question immediately, but wanted to investigate in depth with the funding of a clinical research grant at the Veterinary Medicine department of Parma.


Research, understood as the maximum expression of the study and precise and punctual application of technological innovations in the medical field, is the heart of our activities. This has allowed us to push veterinary medicine into even unexplored fields and sectors, similar to what has already been done in the human medicine sector. Indeed, it is precisely this experience in treating different species, including humans, that makes our system so effective in offering patient-friendly solutions.
After 2 years of research at the University of Parma, in 2021 PlayCast creates a brand dedicated exclusively to the veterinary sector: PlayVet.

The Brand

PlayVet proposes itself as a manufacturer of medical devices tailored to the patient, the veterinarian and ultimately the owner, with the aim of giving personalized answers to the needs and requirements of the clinical case being treated, thanks to the application of the best scanning technologies, design and three-dimensional production, all placed at the service of the veterinary surgeon.


PlayVet designs and manufactures medical devices following the therapeutic objectives and not simply the pathology. What does this mean? It means thinking together with the referring doctor about what you want to achieve with one of our products before thinking about which pathology it is applied to. This does not mean ignoring the patient's pathological condition, but on the contrary it means considering the patient as a whole, with greater attention to the clinical condition, not stopping at an a priori classification of the problem, often insufficient in veterinary medicine to treat the patient successfully.

We are and want to be partners with veterinary surgeons, to offer the best in terms of customized solutions for the patient, the doctor and finally for the owner.

The made-to-measure

The preformed braces available today do not account for all the variety of shapes and sizes in the animal kingdom. This, together with the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods, prevents the market from responding to the needs of our patients. With PlayVet we try to bring a new approach to this problem, offering solutions that really dress the patient, in their shapes and sizes and with the right characteristics for the pathology being treated, following the experience of the veterinary doctors who know and treat the patient, all at an affordable price thanks to the latest three-dimensional design and production technologies.



Our goal is to offer the best of technologies and applications available today to Veterinary Doctors so that they can give a better quality of life to their patients.

Designed by vets, for vets.

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